Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Cat Mae Thoom

Big Cat Mae Thoom

I'm sittin' here mae lane in the moss, hunker't doon in a stank 
Feart tae move fae whur I am, joost keekin' oot ower the peat bank 
Hoo's a boady aspose't tae cope, corner't here agin thoor will 
Wae a' the orders comin' in, an I canna get peace, tae mak still.

Ivery whur yae luk there polis, an a' kines o' boadys wae guns 
Whirlybirds fly'in oot ower yer heid, hokin' through iv'ryboadys grun 
Folk oot wae battery lamps, ye'd think they'd naithin' better tae day 
Hoo's a' honest boady lake me gan tae get the still up an barmin away.


Some say thoor a'oot there lukkin' for a serious big baste o' a cat 
But thoor naw foolin me, aw naw, fur I ken fine weel what thoor at 
Thoor efter mae still, an the finest oul whusky t'wus iver lipp't bae man 
Fame't roon the worl an farther, made only as a countryman can.

I larn't it fae mae oul folk who wudnae gee the government thoor bill 
Takin' awa a workin boadys pleasure, och! I can hear mae granda still 
Taxin all a boady daes an every bite an sup he puts intae his mooth 
If it stud for him it'll stan for me an mine ye that's the truth. 

They kin luk a' they want tae for them cats, be they broon or black or blue 
I'll fill mae orders fur the dacent folk what wae Christmas comin' noo 
An as fur mangy cats an the stories an the folk wha started this farse 
Tak yer nebs ootae whuns an rashes an stick them in the stillmans poakit. 

by 'Aqua Vitae'

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