Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Garrybogus Two

Garrybogus Two

(this time it's personal!)

Oh! Poacher man your so unkind, 

To slight me so, but never mind , 
My feline feelings you have hurt, 
With comments dastardly and curt.

And quite outrageously uncivil, 
To liken me unto your "divil", 
By such talk I am misunderstood , 
The "Phantom of the Garry wood " 

My grace and beauty you may trace 
The epitome of feline race, 
I emplore you Sir if you don't mind, 
Don't point your gun at my behind. 

The Poacher" takes the game of others, 
Beneath the skin Sir, are we brothers ? 
The sport the thrill at worst affray, 
We both thus far have got away. 

When winter nips as soon it might, 
Do not forget this Puma' s plight, 
While you in slippered feet recline, 
I shiver in a land not mine. 

So watch your telly sip your wine, 
Oh! don't mind me, misplaced fe-line, 
Or for old Puma spare a thought, 
I did not come here I was brought.

by 'Moggus Garryboggus'

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