Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The following rhyme won North Antrim Rhymer 'Charlie Reynolds' a prize in 'The Ulster Scot' periodical.

Wae God on Their Side

Thae left hame in hunners wae nae thochts o' fear,
An tha hale countryside cum oot for tae cheer,
These young men o' Ulster their ain kith an kin,
Wha wae God on their side thae kent thae wud win.

A wheen cum bak hame in wee dribs an' drabs,
Tae silent sad faces an tha soun o' oul weeman's sabs,
For sae mony wur slachtered wae God on their side,
But thae a dee'd brav heroes tae stap Deil's tide.

But that wus lang sine an folk shane forgot,
Nae time for remembrance, nae time for regret,
Naw even twa minits o' their silence tae spare,
For wae God on their side shure thae dinnae care.

Charlie 'Tha Poocher' Reynolds

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