Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Puma's Tail - or Tale?

The Puma's Tail - or Tale?

Just a few lines from the "Puma" hoping this finds you all well, 

Just lately all this attention has this Puma's nerves shot to hell, 

It started one idyllic evening as I went for a stroll 'as you do', 
Alas ! I was seen by a farmer, who started a hullabaloo. 

Next day as I went for my breakfast 'I fancied the ear off a ewe', 
Well such a crowd of police and reporters 'one could hardly believe the to-do', 
As you know this was just the beginning I was harried by air and by land, 
I was chased to the bridge at 'Burn Gushey' by men in a white Transit van. 

To elude these intrepid intruders, I thought, I'll visit my cousin in Clare, 
In my haste I forgot 'was I in for a shock' t‚was the week of the Oul Lammas Fair, 
The tailback it stretched to Moyarget this spoiled my weekend by the sea, 
And as I went for a rest in Clare forest some-one took a photo of me. 

Now, this when it got to the news-desk it started the cat-hunt anew, 
Some folk just kept 'mum' some said, "can't be done" and decided of 'me' there is two, 
The experts they said, 'most unlikely' for a 'moggy' now 'that's quite a hike', 
But in you I'll confide, I come from a pride, of Pumas who ride motor bikes. 

Will you please spare a thought for the Puma, do not sit in judgement in haste, 
Although a chewer of ears, I did not wish to be here, and for mutton I've quite lost my taste 
As I write from this secret location I know I might sound a 'right prat', 
But to avoid confrontation and my own ruination, I am one vegetarian cat. 

by 'Moggus Garrybogus'

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