Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tha Poocher, up to his tricks again!

Bye la's

There's a rumour gane roon thae sae tha kat haes got wed, 
Tae a yung whuttrick frae near Deffrick wha's fond o' hir bed, 
Thae sae if its true thae hae noo a femmilie o' three, 
An hae their een on a snug biggin awa' up a tal' tree.

Noo if ye beleeve a ye hear ye'd eat a ye see, 
Sae pin bak yer lugs for this news is for free, 
It's time we'd a la' tae stap these fool things, 
For tha Cooncil maun tak it undther their wings. 

Can thae naw a agree jest for yince in their life, 
Tae adopt tha poor Kat his cubs an' his wife, 
An ect on behaf o this rare kine o' breed, 
Oot o' guidness o' hert jest gie them a feed. 

For tha nixt that we'll hear a new la' Europe wull pass 
That micht mak tha Toon Cooncil oot a bit o' an ass, 
Sae cum on mae freens pit on yer green hats, 
An pass a Bye la' tae luk efter baith Whutricks an kats. 

Charlie 'Tha Poocher' Rannals

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