Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This next rhyme won Charlie the Cup at the 'Bard of Ballycarry' competition, a few years ago.


Did ye gether tae a spinner,
Whun the deys wus shoart an' coul,
Did the digger man keep kempin,
Tae yeh curst he's verra sowl.

Did ye iver poo the prata taps,
An' pile them in the fiel',
An' burn them efter quattin' time,
Whun oot the moon she'd steal.

Did ye iver in the ashes, 
Roast a prata ye had dug,
Did ye ate it lake a banquet,
Wur ye blak fae ear tae lug.

Did ye iver in the moonlicht,
Bing up a prata pit,
Lake I dane fifty years ago,
Ach!! Heth I min' it yit.

Did ye iver watch yer fether,
Wae rashes thatch the pit,
Wae yer bak turn't tae the greeshagh,
O' the fire ye had lit.

If ye niver sa' or dane these things,
Ye'll mebbe naw agree,
But memr'ys, whiles is al' we hae,
Oul country men lak me.

Yeh see, the fermer then, wae whut he had,
He wrocht fae dey tae dey,
An him an nature dooble yokkt,
Gane on thoor simple way.

They sey I'm oul an dotin',
An in the past I'm loast,
But tae the men o' yisteryear,
I'd lake tae drink a toast.

Here's tae them men wha know't the lan,
The saysons an the craps,
Wae misty een I see them yit,
Amang the prata taps.

Charlie 'The Wizard' Gillen

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