Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Poocher's Reply

The Poocher's Reply

A hae read tha rantins o tha 'Kat' himsel, 

An he disnae fu' me wae hes tunge sae swell, 

For the English he scrieves in, brecks nae delph wae me, 
For Am nae doser A wisnae boarn at tha fit o' a tree. 

A ken weel eneuch what he's tryin tae dae, 
Wae his big wurds that maist folk jest cannae sae, 
He's tryin tae sweetyba‚ tha puir fermers an aa, 
As if he had niver committed nae crimes ava. 

An he'll shane larn that tha guid folk frae roon here, 
Dinnae fa' for sich tak an wull no leeve in fear, 
For thae hae aa cum thegither wae yin thocht in mine, 
Its time that North Entrim sa' tha last o yer behine. 

Sae cum on ye boy ye' hae sense whun ye ir still free, 
A hae a listen tae mae wurds an advice that A gie, 
Tak yersel an yer 'brither' bak hame tae yer lair, 
An stie in tha Garryboag ir tha sweet forest o' Clare.

An sae noo tae conclude A hae this jest tae sae, 
Yer naw invited tae roon here for yer tay, 
A hae naethin but respect for tha folk o Bogey an aa 
For A wus boarn in Benverdin jest ayont the Wee Ha‚

by 'Tha Poocher'

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